The wait is over: get our exclusive CODA experience at home from now on! Look forward to our

Molten Buckwheat Chocolate Cake with coconut blossom nectar ice cream and rhubarb with Tasmanian pepper.

Order your dessert in our webshop today and pick it up on Tuesday or Friday between 4 and 6 pm. Please leave in the notes in the shopping cart on which exact date (Tuesday, Friday) you wish to pick up your order. Please pay via PayPal in the shop; we only accept online orders.



Our new box contains the complete dessert with the three mentioned components and costs: 15 € for one person, 
28 € for two persons.

Perfect for anyone who likes to plan: as some of the components are deep-frozen, the dessert can be kept at home for two days.


How to prepare the dessert at home

The chocolate cake must be baked at home in the oven so that you can enjoy it to the fullest. Don’t worry, you don’t need any baking skills. Detailed instructions are included with your order.
We show you how to prepare the dessert here in the video and on Instagram at @codaberlin.

What you need at home: oven, plate(s) or bowl(s), spoons, timer

To match the dessert, we have put together a small extract from our wine list for you. Besides the Champagne, all Rieslings come from our favourite growing area: Mosel-Saar-Ruwer. From dry to sweet you are guaranteed to find the ideal companion for your dessert.


Champagne Agrapart & Fils
Pascal & Fabrice Agrapart – Avise – Côte des Blancs

2014 Terroirs Grand Cru Blanc de Blancs – Extra Brut Chardonnay (deg. 05/17)
750 ml; 58,00 €
A lovely bottle of Champagne, the Terroirs is a blend of 100% Chardonnay coming from grand cru vines only. Here it is the combination of tension and weightlessness that is especially appealing. All the elements meld together into a seamless, crystalline finish.


Weingut Sybille Kuntz
Sybille Kuntz – Lieser – Mosel

1994 RIESLING Lieser Niederberg-Helden Auslese feinherb – trocken
500 ml; 24,00 €
Fine, slightly smoky botrytis accompanied by a little mineral note. Smooth and creamy. After 26 years this fine Riesling is practically dry.


Weingut Rita & Rudolph Trossen
Rita & Rudolph Trossen – Kinheim – Mosel

2018 RIESLING DREIKLANG spätlese feinherb
750 ml; 21,00 €
A beautifully balanced Riesling by the biodynamic pioneer Rudolf Trossen. Very slightly off-dry, it has exceptional minerality and a lovely citrus flavour.


Weingut Dr. Loosen
Ernst Loosen – Bernkastel-Kues – Mosel

2014 RIESLING Graacher Himmelreich kabinett feinherb
750 ml; 19,00 €
Great, delicate, off-dry Riesling. Slightly bitter botrytis touch that develops the necessary experience.


2005 RIESLING Erdener Treppchen Kabinett
750 ml; 21,00 €
This Riesling is medium-bodied, ripe and rich, but balanced by exquisite acidity and minerality. The mouth-tingling finish is long, imbued with great energy.


Weingut Maximin Grünhaus
Dr. Carl von Schubert & Stefan Kraml – Mertesdorf – Ruwer

375 ml; 18,00 €
Very juicy and complex on the palate with fine saltiness. The high residual sugar is optimally balanced by the vibrating acid. In the finish, the wine does not seem to want to end. It remains a fascinating fresh reminiscent of salted lemon.


Weingut Hoffmann-Simon
Dieter Hoffmann – Piesport – Mosel

2001 RIESLING Köwericher Laurentiuslay Auslese
750 ml; 19,00 €
This Riesling tastes very fresh, you will love the elegant, perfectly balanced sweetness. Enjoy the smell of ginger, saffron, cinnamon and juniper.



Staying true to ourselves and putting a lot of effort into creating a special experience were the main goals of this project: as a matter of principle, we do not use certain ingredients, such as white sugar, artificial stabilizers and industrial products and work with coconut blossom nectar, honey and muscovado instead.We produce our chocolate with a stone roller at CODA, so it comes directly from the crushed cocoa bean. The “Arriba Nacional” beans are fairly and directly traded and find their beginning in a smallholder cooperation from Esmeraldas in Ecuador, which is considered as the country of origin of the cocoa bean.



Our packaging is fully biodegradable. If plastics are used in the article, they are bioplastics that decompose naturally.



Declarable allergens: eggs in the form of fresh egg, soya beans in the form of fresh soya milk, milk and dairy products (including lactose), nuts in the form of almonds.



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