A restaurant unlike any other.
A Michelin-starred culinary concept, inspired by classic patisserie techniques.
A different way to dine.

CODA Dessert Dining

At CODA, we reimagine the concept of dessert entirely. Allow yourself to be surprised by our culinary creations and prepare to enjoy an unforgettable evening. 


7-course tasting menu, inclusive of pairing drinks and snacks

We invite you to join us on a gastronomic dinner journey unlike anything you have ever experienced. Savor 7 innovative dessert courses, which draw on culinary traditions from around the globe and are expertly paired with custom drinks. Expect an inspiring ambiance, an international clientele, and a few surprises along the way.

5-course tasting menu, inclusive of pairing drinks and snacks

Maybe you’ve already had a bite elsewhere, but you’re craving something more. Whether you’re coming from the opera, the theater, or another event, our 5-course tasting menu is a standing invitation for you and your companions to enjoy a special finale to your evening.

Here are our dessert tasting menus

CODA – Our concept

At CODA, both the very idea of dessert and the classical art of patisserie are deconstructed and reimagined. Our focus is on seasonal ingredients—sustainable, natural, extraordinary.

Each of our unique compositions consists of a dish with a corresponding drink. Refined sugar may be an indispensable component of traditional patisserie, but you won’t find it here. Instead, we rely exclusively on the natural sweetness found in our raw ingredients. A touch of richness here and there helps round out each course.

In addition to the drink pairings included with each course, you are welcome to order from our extensive menu of natural sparkling wines from Champagne, aged, sweet Rieslings, and sakes. We believe that these carefully selected libations make for inspired accompaniments.

We look forward to welcoming you.

Here is our wine list